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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Toronto Unilock Awards 2011

2011 has been an interesting year for Unilock contractors, i have seen some contractors slashing prices and others just fighting to survive, but you would never now it by going to the Unilock awards where it looks like all the top guys have stepped it up a notch, i assume these are not the guys slashing their prices because the quality of the work has increased.

There are only two ways to go when facing tough economic times, offer higher quality and better designs or lower prices but i believe higher quality always wins against lowering prices because people that can afford landscaping and interlock are usually in a better position to make a smart decision. When you are able to offer more design and better quality, people tend to sway to quality because after all this is your house and this represents you as an individual.
I was a finalist in the Unilock awards for the best residential use of Umbrianno for the second time, only this time i did not receive an award. The competition was tough this year and i agree with the decision that was made.
Toronto as a city i find it easier to find jobs because of the higher population but as far as finding big or award winning jobs, it's not so easy due to the smaller spaces although the demand from the customer is more because they want all the features of a larger property for example hot tubs, pergolas,water features and now outdoor fire places to be put into the design, it makes our jobs more difficult but makes the finished product look more detailed. Unfortunately i have to compete with companies from the country side where sure the business may be harder to find but the size of their properties surely make up for it, also their properties seem to win all the awards because of the size of the job and not always the creativity of the designer or quality of craftsmanship, this is what i am up against, i can not complain because i have had an excellent year and many more to come, i am now also servicing a larger area to try and get some of these big jobs, you know what they say if you can't beat them join them.
Anyways here are some photos of 2011 Unilock awards.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Article on Paradise Views Landscaping

I would strongly suggest reading this article written by Landscape hardscape design build magazine, called Maximizing small spaces about Paradise views landscaping. any feed back would be appreciated.
Thank you
Mike Dasilva
Paradise views landscaping

Friday, October 7, 2011

Landscaping tips for homeowners hiring companies 2011

The Tough economic times of 2011 for landscapers. This year has been very up and down for Paradise views but we have toughed out this year even with our competitors slashing their prices and sacrificing their quality to do this. I have seen some very shifty jobs this year performed by competing companies, they lowered their prices by 2 to 4 dollars a square foot and just told customers what they wanted to hear, as soon as they go to work all the corners get cut and the home owners don't suspect a thing, unfortunately people are naive to contractors who offer lower prices. Hopefully people read this and get an understanding that quality does not come cheap but an unsound job will cost you more in the long run, with fix ups and redoing things every couple years because the base is too thin. I can not stress enough the importance of correct installation methods for interlocking stone and retaining walls. Other contractors make me feel very good about myself and my services, they charged lower prices than i but the quality of workmanship was less than the best, very unprofessional workmanship and when i questioned their methods they responded "they pay cheap prices so this is what i do for that". These guys purposely take advantage of people who want to save money rather than suggesting cheaper materials or changing the design to be less costly. Don't be foolish people! do your research and ask what proper procedures are and make sure you check that they are following these methods during the course of the project even if it is after they leave for the day. Ask for references.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Interlock Design In Toronto Using Richcliff

A new job site for Paradise views landscaping here in Toronto by St Clair and Oakwood.

This job consists of Front and back design and build, steps made with combo pressure treated and composite materials, interlocking stones new material called Richcliff which looks like slate but with a softer looking surface, this design also had some planting and bed design, the customer was looking for very low maintenance so the plants chosen were little to no maintenance, the front was changed to one big mulch bed to create an alternative to cutting grass every week.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Toronto backyard landscape design build project

This project was designed for a very narrow but long backyard containing 1000 sqft of interlock, water feature built in charcoal barbecue, and bed design, here are some pictures for you.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Start Of A Second Landscaping Crew

We are now trying to start a second crew to better accommodate our customers, with all the rain we have been getting plus the increased number of jobs, we have made the decision to start a second crew to help us keep up with the demand. The second landscape crew will be doing the excavation in order to speed up the building process they will also be adding the base requirements, we are hoping this will increase productivity and serve you better. thanks for your continued business.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Full Landscape design build project in Brampton

The year has started off great with our first small project which was done in downtown Toronto, a small backyard patio using random flagstone. Now we are in full swing if only the weather would cooperate. We started our first design build project in Brampton which is new to paradise views landscaping because its out of our service area, but we decided to take it on anyways unknowingly there are no places to recycle our soil, so we are ordering bins that cost 400.00 because there is no where in Brampton to bring your soil, then we find out you cannot put the bins on the street, these things only burden the residents of Brampton because things like these will cost millions of dollars in taxes to ship their soil somewhere else, i don't know who is running this city but they are not so bright. Are first job will be a complete tear down and rebuild with some unique features like 20ft pergola with 8 ft depth seat walls, pillars and  the main areas will be paved with Brussels block and inset patterns of Avante ashlar in the dining and barbecue areas, raised Branden cedars around the other side of the seat walls for background, 4 steps and a landing where there used to be a deck. the front of the house will have a small planter in front of their porch and two pillars on each side of the walkway also paved with Brussels.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Finalist For A New Skid Steer

Paradise Views Landscaping is a finalist for the New Holland Construction Extreme Dream 2011 Promotion for a free brand new $35,000 L218 Skid Steer Loader!. Winning the first round position, guaranteed to be a finalist, to see the contest and thread check to see our entry.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Interlock Patio Ideas 2011

Interlock patios are always in high demand because they give you the best value for your your dollar, when properly installed. Patios designed by Paradise views Landscaping are designed to withstand the test of time, not only because we use the proper base requirements but we also aid in choosing the type of interlock and flagstone being used. We choose materials that have a classic yet fresh look and random patterns so they don't go out of style, Timeless is the term used for this with a touch of class.
We have been very successful in the landscape industry offering unique patio designs, by integrating different elements of nature to give a in home feeling outdoors, many customers have said they feel the comforts of home in their backyard and are happy to invite guests and family over for parties, or just have a barbecue with some friends. check out our gallery for some ideas and see what i am talking about.
When hiring a contractor remember there is only one chance to get it right, hire someone who will give you what you want not what you want to pay, that is the wrong attitude when hiring any contractors. This is your home, make the educated choice and get the feel you are looking for.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Toronto Design ideas

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Landscaping Backyards With Interlock Patios And Seat Walls

Building patios in your backyard for entertainment reasons should be well thought out and designed for usefulness. Space planning according the size of the average group of people you would be entertaining. How you will be entertaining ie, barbecues, pool parties, dinner outside. Planning for things like seating and tables for eating are all important issues when planning for your patio. Type of guests you will be entertaining, children, family, or business. Entertaining business guests you may want something that reflects a classy and modern look, something to wow them and leave an impression. Entertaining children and families maybe something with a small play area and patio for eating including tables and chairs, area for barbecue away from play areas but close to dining area. Seat walls are the perfect solution for smaller patios because they add seating room for children and extra visitors or when you just have too many people. Here are some examples and how they change the feel of the ordinary patio to an outdoor living space and the only difference is usefulness.
Patio inside patio to separate barbecue area from play area also adding extra seating, barbecue close to house so they can still barbecue in the winter. The play area is in the grassed section and table and chairs can be situated in the larger patio area, this was a well thought out plan and they receive the optimum use from their backyard living space.

This backyard was built in Richmond hill circular stairs add to the value because you can enter from any angle and beautiful fit for this design. Seat walls again add to the entertainment value because you have lots of extra seating. they also installed a hot tub, again they were thinking of what they wanted from their backyard, lots of room for a table and chairs and barbecue close to the stairs yet away from seating and tables.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Toronto Landscape Design

Toronto landscape designs Paradise views landscaping is now preparing landscape designs for 2011. Please contact us soon for your landscape designs, preparing your designs early is very important for a well thought out plan due to budgets and timing of your projects. It is going to be a very busy year for most contractors and the time to book is now, in order to enjoy your properties this summer.

                 Many people in the city of Toronto and the surrounding areas, have little time to spend in their cottages these days, this is why there is a higher demand for landscape design build contractors in these areas. Building your backyard retreat or living space is becoming the new cottage life for many, so people are entertaining and enjoying themselves in the luxury of their own backyards, adding kitchens built in barbecues pergolas and other structures to get the most of their space. Toronto residents seem to have less and less space for their backyards making it increasingly difficult to create out door living areas. Come up with a well thought out plan of what you want to do in your backyard, for most a swimming pool is out of the question so adding hot tubs is also becoming very popular and a lot cheaper too, this will help you to make more of your small space because, you can add other features that would not normally be within your budget for example a pergola to add structure and and give the allusion of indoor elements. Seat walls and proper lighting also accomplish this feeling.
Unilock has come up with some very exciting, elegant pavers, refer to their website for their elegant series pavers, although the costs have risen for these pavers so have their demand, this is also another reason to plan your projects a head of time because as the season move forward these products will be increasingly difficult to find.
Unilock claims to be on top of these things, but if past experiences tell me any thing, book now! plan now! and don't get stuck in the middle of summer with an uncompleted project or have to substitute with a lesser product, this is not the way to plan, and the end result is an unsatisfied customer.

Please visit our website  or and fill out the request for a free consultation and and cost estimate. we have an offer on right now for 10% off for early bookings, offer ends April 1rst so contact us now!

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Paradise Views Landscaping Design Build Company In Vaughn

This job was a complete design build project from begining to end because it was a brand new home with only grass as their landscaping. The job ended up with no grass at all. The design was from a local designer and i was one of three contractors to bid on the job, but this time i got the job due to availability, i was not the cheapest which is usually the case, i never claim to be the cheapest but you definitely get what you pay for, and people often feel comfortable knowing the job will be done to their satisfaction within the allotted time.
I did make many changes to their original design for practical reasons, this is the problem with most designers because they don’t actually build the projects they design. The end result was another beautifully landscaped property by Paradise views landscaping, we enjoy the challenge of doing a complete landscape design build project and maybe we can do one for you just call Mike at 416-560-9501
Vaughan landscaping design build projectVaughan Landscaping design buid projectVaughan landscaping design build projectVaughan landscaping design build projectVaughan landscaping design build projectVaughan landscaping design build projectVaughan landscaping design build projectVaughan landscaping design build projectVaughan landscaping design build projectVaughan landscaping design build projectVaughan landscaping design build project