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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Full Landscape design build project in Brampton

The year has started off great with our first small project which was done in downtown Toronto, a small backyard patio using random flagstone. Now we are in full swing if only the weather would cooperate. We started our first design build project in Brampton which is new to paradise views landscaping because its out of our service area, but we decided to take it on anyways unknowingly there are no places to recycle our soil, so we are ordering bins that cost 400.00 because there is no where in Brampton to bring your soil, then we find out you cannot put the bins on the street, these things only burden the residents of Brampton because things like these will cost millions of dollars in taxes to ship their soil somewhere else, i don't know who is running this city but they are not so bright. Are first job will be a complete tear down and rebuild with some unique features like 20ft pergola with 8 ft depth seat walls, pillars and  the main areas will be paved with Brussels block and inset patterns of Avante ashlar in the dining and barbecue areas, raised Branden cedars around the other side of the seat walls for background, 4 steps and a landing where there used to be a deck. the front of the house will have a small planter in front of their porch and two pillars on each side of the walkway also paved with Brussels.

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