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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Toronto Unilock Awards 2011

2011 has been an interesting year for Unilock contractors, i have seen some contractors slashing prices and others just fighting to survive, but you would never now it by going to the Unilock awards where it looks like all the top guys have stepped it up a notch, i assume these are not the guys slashing their prices because the quality of the work has increased.

There are only two ways to go when facing tough economic times, offer higher quality and better designs or lower prices but i believe higher quality always wins against lowering prices because people that can afford landscaping and interlock are usually in a better position to make a smart decision. When you are able to offer more design and better quality, people tend to sway to quality because after all this is your house and this represents you as an individual.
I was a finalist in the Unilock awards for the best residential use of Umbrianno for the second time, only this time i did not receive an award. The competition was tough this year and i agree with the decision that was made.
Toronto as a city i find it easier to find jobs because of the higher population but as far as finding big or award winning jobs, it's not so easy due to the smaller spaces although the demand from the customer is more because they want all the features of a larger property for example hot tubs, pergolas,water features and now outdoor fire places to be put into the design, it makes our jobs more difficult but makes the finished product look more detailed. Unfortunately i have to compete with companies from the country side where sure the business may be harder to find but the size of their properties surely make up for it, also their properties seem to win all the awards because of the size of the job and not always the creativity of the designer or quality of craftsmanship, this is what i am up against, i can not complain because i have had an excellent year and many more to come, i am now also servicing a larger area to try and get some of these big jobs, you know what they say if you can't beat them join them.
Anyways here are some photos of 2011 Unilock awards.

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