Paradise views landscaping

Friday, October 7, 2011

Landscaping tips for homeowners hiring companies 2011

The Tough economic times of 2011 for landscapers. This year has been very up and down for Paradise views but we have toughed out this year even with our competitors slashing their prices and sacrificing their quality to do this. I have seen some very shifty jobs this year performed by competing companies, they lowered their prices by 2 to 4 dollars a square foot and just told customers what they wanted to hear, as soon as they go to work all the corners get cut and the home owners don't suspect a thing, unfortunately people are naive to contractors who offer lower prices. Hopefully people read this and get an understanding that quality does not come cheap but an unsound job will cost you more in the long run, with fix ups and redoing things every couple years because the base is too thin. I can not stress enough the importance of correct installation methods for interlocking stone and retaining walls. Other contractors make me feel very good about myself and my services, they charged lower prices than i but the quality of workmanship was less than the best, very unprofessional workmanship and when i questioned their methods they responded "they pay cheap prices so this is what i do for that". These guys purposely take advantage of people who want to save money rather than suggesting cheaper materials or changing the design to be less costly. Don't be foolish people! do your research and ask what proper procedures are and make sure you check that they are following these methods during the course of the project even if it is after they leave for the day. Ask for references.